The forge dates from 1778 and is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument. You can see it working as part of a guided tour. At the forge today we offer Blacksmithing Courses:

The ‘Have a Go’ Course

This is for anyone who has ever wanted to just have a go at making something in a forge. In two hours you will be shown how to make a simple item like a poker

The Beginners Course

The beginners course will aim to provide the learner with the basic knowledge and understanding of the practical skills that are required to produce simple decorative items using only simple hand tools the fire and Anvil.

The Advanced Course


Learn how to safely light the fire and manage the fire, and be shown how to use the six basic forging techniques and will be able to demonstrate an understanding of where to employ these. At the end of the course the student will have incorporated the skills learned into producing a simple decorative item such as a hanging bracket or set of fire irons.

Once you have completed a course, rent the space by the hour to practice. Gift vouchers make these courses interesting and unusual presents.

Items for Sale

Our resident ‘Blacksmith’ is able to make items to order.

We currently have a selection of pokers made by our ‘Blacksmith’ for sale in our chandlery.